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Meet The Team

Representation of the website is very important, and the first impression is actually the fundament of interest to your activity. We talk about web design a lot, but in most cases out discussions concern the main page. We should widen the borders of our attention. As for me, the first page after the main one I visit is About Us page. After checking the design I want to find out the details about the company. And I should mention that most websites has it poorly thought out. It seems to me that usually About Us page has the same design all over the web: boring text, address.

The first step is to transform the About Us page into Meet Our Team page. A company is not some abstract existential, but a group of people, who are working for its success. It's always so: some component makes something valuable. And to understand the whole we should pay attention to the elements it consists of. So, you should represent the members of your team. But do it creatively and sincerely: write the bio, make links to social profiles and their expert projects. Don't forget the photos, nevertheless the other ways of person visualization is also good. The last important thing – outline the most unique feature of each individuality.


Kurien Mathew

Position: Managing Director

Is a founder of HatchDesigns. Passionate about design, he has helped the company go from strength to strength and continues to nurture its growth.


Simon Joseph

Position: Designer

Is our user interface design expert and a key part of our web development team. He ensures our websites have great, user-centered design.


Aaron Bold

Position: Web Developer

Is our resident web development genius. Master of all things web related, he is a JavaScript specialist.


Dave Clark

Position: Copywriter

Is the HatchDesigns wordsmith. A man of many words, he writes the on-page and SEO text that gets our clients noticed online and offline.


Paul Richard Espinosa

Position: Client Relations Coordinator

Hello I am currently a student that is studying in Seminary, and am also a part of two internships as well. The internships are different organizations require me to work in networking, as well as all aspect of media. It is all hands on and helping the organizations with various public relations, and various creative groups as well. I will soon be pursuing my Masters Degree also, and will have apply all of my other skills in media towards the ministry that I am in. My affiliation with Hatch Designs has been since 2014, and am honored to be able to work, discover, and innovate with this truly accomplished team.